Customer’s Feedback

Our customers are very important to us.  We spend time listening to what they want to say and which issues they most want highlighted to create something that delivers something leaflets and posters cannot.


Criminal Justice Service Manager

Given the impact addiction can have on individuals and their families I was overwhelmed with the impact drama and creative writing can have in assisting people through their recovery. I cannot thank Ann Mathieson enough for the contribution she has made to offering positive changes to many people living within the East End of Glasgow. Your dedication,commitment and enthusiasm clearly influenced those around you and provided genuine opportunities for people to change their lives for the better.


Ian McLaughlin, Project Manager, AIS

This production was one of the best things that AIS has done in the 15 years we have been in operation, the fun the guys had doing this through rehearsals and performances,  the confidence and self belief the guys brought to this production it was fantastic. Drama Coach Ann Mathieson was so enthusiastic about her work this rubbed off within the groups rehearsals and performances.


Marlene Taylor – Service Manager, FASS

FASS often deals with families whose lives have been torn apart by addiction and for some, they have paid the ultimate price and lost an adult child to this, some more than one.  We wanted to produce a drama that would portray the hurt, anger and devastation that goes on in families when they find themselves in a harrowing situation such as this.  I knew that to make the drama realistic, I would be asking parents, particularly mothers, who had been bereaved in this way, to open up and share their experience.  I needed to know they would be in safe hands and what they shared would be treated with respect.  There are many drama tutors out there but I felt a huge responsibility that that needed to get the right person who would care about this, care about the subject and care about the people who would bravely bear their soul.  Ann Mathieson came highly recommended on the back of a drama she produced in the North East on suicide, another very sensitive and heartbreaking subject.

Meeting Ann was a breath of fresh air, she “got” us very quickly and soon immersed herself in the project.  She knows her stuff and knows how to cajole, rally and motivate a group, who had no acting experience, to put on a fabulous drama.  This has been so well received and performed in many locations and is still sought after.  Indeed the only thing stopping this drama from traveling further afield is resources!


Janet Tobin – Health Improvement Support Manager

Ann’s lovely gentle manner, skills and expertise were exactly right for working with adults in recovery, she was aware of the issues that affect this client group and tailored sessions appropriately, supporting participants to have fun and also develop personally.


Catriona Gibson – Education & Activities Coordinator, Lodging House Mission

A balance has to be found in drama, particularly with a client group affected by addiction and homelessness, where each participant feels free to give their own interpretation of a part, based on his or her experience or circumstances but which stops short of opening the scar tissue of old wounds. Displaying natural warmth, acceptance and humour, Ann Mathieson engages and inspires each individual; guiding the group to a level of performance to be proud of’.


Maggie Milne, Development Coordinator, AddArt

Ann has many talents so it’s kinda hard to name them all! I think the most important ones are that through drama she nurtures individuals and groups and offers them opportunities to develop confidence, communication skills and team work. Oh and people have a whole lot of fun in the process!




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